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Receive fast dishwasher repair help from a proven Waltham based appliance repair crew.

With complete qualification and full insurance, our team is highly prepared to serve our clients. We want you to know that no part of your repair will be a stress anymore. When you work with us, we take care of every step and give you fair rates to boot!

What makes us different is how we price our services. What you're getting charged for is simple: any parts your appliance needs and the labor required to install them. You won't pay a premium on these parts, nor will we charge for diagnosing your dishwasher if you do proceed with the recommended repair. Our competitive prices are proven. You can check around for better quotes but you won't have much luck. Many of our competitors are guilty of upcharging for parts, or at the very least they charge other fees besides their basic labor charges. We're proud to keep our billing fairer, which is one of the plenty reasons why we have such a large repeat customer client base.

As for dishwasher repairs, we are specialists in this category. Our team has repair gurus with decades of experience. Basically, we've been working on dishwashing machines since they were first invented. No make or model is too complicated for us to fix. We have direct access to dishwasher parts in Waltham MA through our wholesale suppliers.

The process begins with a diagnostics visit. You should get in touch with us over the phone at (781) 524-7090 to book your appointment. One of our professional repair technicians will make their way out as per the scheduled time. We arrive promptly, on time, after a quick reminder call shortly before - we're friendly, professional and always ready to help!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

A dishwashing machine can be used to clean the grease and grime off of many items, not just common dishware, potware and silverware. One of the more surprising examples is a car's hubcaps, which is a basic metal object that comes out very clean and shiny after a load in the dishwasher. The dirtier items should be spaced out - clean a heavily soiled load, run a sanitizing cycle with an empty dishwasher and then run your next load. If your dishwasher doesn't offer this feature, simply run the hottest wash option that's available to you.


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