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Leading the pack of repair companies in Waltham MA, our refrigerator repair services are second-to-none and made to be super affordable.

Get your repair underway and relax knowing you will only have to pay for parts and labor. With fair, fair rates and professional quality work, nothing can go wrong; you will be happy for choosing us for your repair job. Without a doubt, fridge problems are daunting and can be quite costly if they aren't caught right away. If you're fortunate enough to realize the problem immediately, take action before the food goes to waste. We can provide you with emergency repair services on your failing or failed refrigerator, just reach out to request a same-day repair and we'll set you up!

Our repairs are quick and effective. More importantly, they are kept affordable due to our better pricing model. We provide our services at the competitive, competitive cost of just standard labor charges plus any spent funds (for parts) rebated to us. Unlike many of our competitors, we're not going to bill you more than what your parts cost; our labor rates are chosen based on the fair value shown in the Major Appliance Service Price Guide.

Your repair process begins by arranging a time to meet with one of our repair professionals. He or she will arrive at the appropriate time, diagnose your appliance issues and craft up an effective solution. You can move ahead with the repair after receiving your estimate - at which point we will waive your service call charge - or just pay a small fee for our time and we'll be on our way.

Our repair techs are on-call and waiting to help whenever you need them. Call us at (781) 524-7090 and we will book you an appointment - at your earliest convenience.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Does your fridge suddenly operate louder or have a weird buzz, ring or hum? Mechanical problems caused by general or critical damage to internal parts can cause this to happen. In most cases, abnormal noise production from a fridge is because of an issue with the evaporator fan, condenser fan or compressor. First, try opening up the freezer compartment door and listen for a boost in audibility of the noise. If this happens, the evaporator fan is what needs to be fixed. If this doesn't help, get a pro to come check the condenser fan motor and compressor.


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