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Don't let appliance troubles be a burden in your kitchen.

We can help rectify any problems with your cooking appliances. Get yourself situated with professional help you can bank on today - we offer emergency stove repair assistance to Waltham MA based clients. Get in touch with our team and we'll help you out asap!

Our team is prepared to repair or service any stovetop appliance. We have experience working on many commercial stove types, including cheesemelters, griddle broilers, steakhouse broilers, salamanders, stock pot and wok ranges, plus much more.

We can get parts for just about any appliance. Our Waltham based replacement parts shop is stocked with common parts for both American and foreign models, including a large variety of commercial stove parts. We pass on the same pricing we receive whenever we need to collect parts for your repair job; often times we have a generic part on-hand in our work vehicles to speed up the repair process. You can schedule an appointment at any time that works on your end. We'll make sure to make it work - we do offer same and next-day repair services for urgent situations. Our repair tech will troubleshoot your stove and identify a fix, which will be quoted according to replacement parts and required labor. Those that wish to skip out on getting a repair after receiving a quote will only be left 'on the hook' for a small diagnostics fee.

We're waiting, ready and eager to help. Whether you're a business or individual requiring assistance, we can efficiently return your stove back to working order. Your repair can get started as soon as you're ready - call (781) 524-7090 and we'll begin the journey now!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

The inside of your oven should be maintained frequently. Any spills can result in smoke circulating when the oven heats up next time. Your fire alarm might be accidentally tripped. While your oven is not even warm, use a cleaner or make your own with baking soda and vinegar. We recommend that you clean by hand instead of making use of a self-cleaning option, if your stove offers such. The high heats that are reached with this mode frequently cause damage to internal parts; sometimes the oven door will get stuck locked shut and will need to be repaired.


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