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We specialize in dryer repair.

As a leading Waltham based appliance repair company, we're also known for offering competitive rates on all repairs. If your dryer needs to be fixed, you can feel comfortable leaving the diagnosis and repair in the hands of one of our repair professionals. Check our rep and see the consistency in our results, our past clients speak for us! Our reputation is the result of consistently successful repairs and ultra competitive costs. We provide you with skilled and insured repair technicians that know what they are doing. Your appliance will not be further broken, which is an unfortunate experience that many have with some competitors. Furthermore, we never fail to achieve the repair and our extensive experience makes for speedy fixes.

How can we guarantee our ultra fair rates? It's simple - we are not going to charge you a diagnostics fee, we won't bill for travel time and we don't have any hidden costs whatsoever. Every repair we take on is billed for based on the cost of parts (no markups!), as well as the labor required to install them. We respect the MASPG pricing guide when evaluating the fair value of our repairman's time.

We can fix any dryer issue. Whether your machine is taking hours to dry clothes or it's working too loudly, we'll get to the bottom of the problem and get it fixed for you. Rest assured, our competitive rates apply to even the smallest of repairs. We can stand by this claim because, regardless of the size and cost of your repair - when you get anything fixed we waive our diagnosis fee.

Call (781) 524-7090 to organize a time for a dryer repair tech to come help you!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Have a vacuum lying around the house? You can use one of the wand-style attachments to get inside of the lint chute. This area is prone to holding dirt and debris buildups. You can also use this attachment to get inside of any ventilation ductwork. Afterward, remove the back panel and gain access to around the blower wheel - vacuum here to get rid of any lint or debris that fell from the lint trap. You should get into the habit of doing this thorough cleaning at least once a year to ensure you maximize the machine's life.


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